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Du plius du ir afrikoj keturi

Kasdien visiems užsiregistravusiems www.backtohome.com dvasinis mokytojas Sankarshan das Adhikari siunčia dvasinę mintį.
Šiandien noriu pasidalinti nuostabiu klausimu kurį gavo mokytojas ir nuostabiu mokytojo atsakymu.
Galime matyti, kad šventų vardų kartojimo technika veikia nepaisant kokioje šalyje žmogus gyvena ar kokiais rūbais jis dėvi.

Citata iš kasdien gaunamų dvasinių naujienų (www.backtohome.com):

Question: I Can't Stop Chanting the Name of Allah

Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I thank you so much for sending me the Ultimate Self Realization Course. I am very grateful to you. I am a Sufi Muslim. In my beginning I was lazy in chanting alone or in weekly kirtan. (Sufism is similar to bhakti yoga in that we also chant the name of  God.) For many, many years I was fighting in martial arts. Once an opponent kicked me on my right jaw. I was literally knocked out and was in a coma. After that I understood that I had gotten a near death experience. Making a long story short, I encountered angels or luminous beings, and their chief of higher rank said to one of the angels, "Tell him to go back on earth because his time for death has not come yet, and tell him to chant a lot the name of God."  So the angel told me to go back in earthly life and advised me very earnestly to chant a lot the name of God. The angels seemed to know my life very well. So being a Sufi Muslim my main mantra is "Allah." After that I used to do with discipline mantra japa for hours until my knees are severely hurting. I still have pain in my knees now. Our way is to say loudly from the chest, "Allah Allah Allah." It is in Arabic language the greatest name of God Almighty.

I chant this name of God loudly when driving, walking, or even watching the news on the TV. As my spiritual master is no longer here on earth I will ask this question of you:

My mantra is running itself without any effort. For example, in many cases or even in board meetings at work my tongue is chanting the name of Allah loudly. And when my colleagues look at me in a strange way I feel ashamed. So I bite my tongue, but my mind is chanting it instead. It seems I am here and not here. What does this mean? And does the chanting reach the atma?

Sincerely yours,


Answer: You Are Fortunate Indeed

That you have such a taste for chanting the holy name of God means that you are a very, very fortunate being. You are feeling your presence in the material world and at the same time realizing that you are actually from a different world, the spiritual world . This is very nice.

Chanting the Holy Name of God brings you back to your original spiritual nature as the atma, an eternal spirit-soul. And this chanting connects you in loving relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Allah or Krishna, who is seated within your heart.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari

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